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The company has launched uk.yepme.com to service customers across UK. The brand footprint is also being extended beyond its own webstore across Europe through presence in a large online marketplaces in the UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. More than 2000 products have gone live on uk.yepme.com. The Campaigns have been shot in the fashion capitals of world namely London, Paris and Los Angeles. The fashion showcased is European fashion. The core proposition is about being Unreasonably Fashionable. The core proposition is driven by fast fashion supply chain of brand Yepme that delivers Mind to Market cycle of 30 days. Europe offers a huge opportunity for brand Yepme as countries like UK have online sales as percentage to Retail market of close to 17%. This is even higher than US, where online market contribution to total retail market is around 14%. As per emarketer.com, in 2016, UK online market size was $ 110 Billion.

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