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Ok but why do ppl need to post all the bags and brands they bought on a shopping spree if not for showing off like idk sorry

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Trump: the human megabrand that swallowed the world

Naomi Klein returns to delve back into marketing and branding in "No is Not Enough." But brand-based companies like Trump’s are different beasts entirely. The conflicts of interest are not only tied to specific policies or actions. Rather, the conflicts are omnipresent and continuous, embedded in the mere fact of Trump being president. That’s because the value of lifestyle brands fluctuates wildly depending on the space they occupy in the culture. So anything that increases Donald Trump’s visibility, and the perception of him as all-powerful, actively increases the value of the Trump brand, and therefore increases how much clients will pay to be associated with it — to slap it on their new condo development, say, or, on a smaller scale, to play on his golf courses or buy one of his ties. And there is no sign that Trump is backing off exploiting that fact to its fullest advantage. According to a New York Times report in April 2017, “Mr. Trump’s enterprise, now run by his two adult sons, has 157 trademark applications pending in 36 countries.” In January 2017, Donald Trump’s son Eric went on a trip to Uruguay to meet with a developer who is buying the right to use the Trump name on his new tower. At the time, the public scandal was how much U.S. taxpayers’ money went to pay for the Secret Service and other government staff who travelled with Eric on that trip: around $100,000 in hotel costs, a direct public subsidy to Trump’s private dealings.

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